The Lost Relics

The Escape

1/15/11 – “The Escape”

Berowyn, Levandius, and Rockwell found themselves bound and riding the back of a prison wagon down a dusty dirt road on the way to the city of Andurus. Each individual had their own unique run in with Captain Thorley, head of the Guard of Mardeth, who arrested them and put them into this predicament. In the prison wagon the players agreed to a business relationship of sorts with the small halfling, Kepli Longhollow, who wanted the aid of the adventurers in his plight to rescue his brother. The group agreed that if Kepli helped them escape, they would help him rescue his brother who was suspected to be in a separate prison caravan head of them.

After the party freed themselves from their shackles, Rockwell disposed of the wagon driver by punching a hole through the wagon wall and then pulling the driver back through. This however caused the cart to begin to split open, resulting in Rockwell having to hold the cart together while Levandius Fey Stepped onto the top of the wagon and took control of the horse from the drivers’ seat. Eventually the party caught up to wagon in front of them that contained their equipment as well as a locked chest. Inside the chest was a small stone statue measuring 1’ in height and depicting that of an elvish warrior. After the party was unable to discover any useful information about the statue, they gave it to Kepli for safe keeping.

Once the two wagons were in the control of the party, they set off in the direction of the Woods of Alaren, to seek out Kepli’s brother. The party found another wagon that showed signs of an ambush, with the trail leading into the western part of the forest. Although Kepli ran on ahead in his haste to find his brother, the party approached cautiously and found a campsite where Kepli’s brother was caged. Berowyn stealthily climbed the tree and was able to attack of the bandits sitting by the campfire, although this attack alerted two hidden bandits hiding the treetops. The group dispatched of the bandits by pushing them out of their hiding places, with one of them meeting their death by a coup de grace strike from Rockwell’s warhammer. One of the bandits begged for mercy and proposed a moneymaking venture, much to the displeasure of Kepli who ran off into the forest with his brother at his side cursing the party.

After some questioning, the bandit informed the players that was part of the Shadow Thieves guild. He showed the players two strange chemical filled viles that acted as both a plant attraction and plant growth enhancement. The Shadow Thieves bandit told the players of the elvish Ancient City of Alaren, and that he needed an item contained within, although was hindered by a large stone wall protecting the city. Per the bandits’ suggestion, the players agreed to use the plant chemicals to create an extremely powerful vine horror that would destroy the stone wall around the city. The party was interrupted in their journey to the elvish city by Captain Thorley and 4 soldiers from the Guards of Mardeth. Berowyn quickly shot a plant-attraction-dipped arrow onto the shield of Captain Thorley, and the group poured the plant growth chemical onto some nearby vines.

The newly created vine horror went into a wild rage, and killed all 4 of the guards and grabbed the legs of both Captain Thorley and Berowyn. The vine horror quickly turned and slithered into the forest, pulling both the captain and the elf ranger with it…


what about the part where levandius rides his horse solo for an hour. epic. lol

The Escape


The Escape

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