The Lost Relics

Out of the Fire and into the Freezer

9/15/11/ – “Out of the Fire and into the Freezer”

In their last encounter, our adventurers faced the portal to Winterhaven. Before departing, the wizard Nimozoran the Green admonished the group to seek out the first bloodstone fragment. While unsure of its location, the wizard advised the crew to travel to the town of Eriness and seek out the witch Delana, who could help them in their search.

After travelling through the arcane doorway, the travelers found themselves in the cold, desolate
Icewind Caverns. They overhear a discussion amongst a small group of prospectors who seem to be
part of an organized group seeking riches in the cave. The prospectors seem to have their hands full just outside the cavern wing in which the adventurer’s find themselves, fending off some unseen horrors.

The crew follow the prospectors to the outer cavern, where the sounds of battle rage. They find
themselves embroiled in a battle against a small contingent of goblin skirmishers and archers. After a dispatching the goblins, thanks to some intrepid spellwork on the part of the Beast, the crew face the fearsome likes of a pair of ice yetis. Though the battle was grueling and violent, the crew emerged victorious—ready to continue their quest through this unknown frozen land in search of the keys to the undead Lord’s resurrection.



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