The Lost Relics

Freezer Burn

9/30/11/ – “Freezer Burn”

After defeating the goblin hordes and the pair of murderous Wendigo, the adventurer’s found themselves faced with the decision of how to proceed. Moving forward from the site of their battle, they discovered the tunnel forked left and right. The Beast attempted a divination ritual to point the way—and the summoned apparition pointed to the right.

Taking the path, the crew discovered a team of miners attempting to dig out from the recent cave-in that had closed the path farther. The miners’ bumpkin leader, Rusty, explains that they had been at work for weeks and could potentially dig out much sooner if they only had some explosives. Taking the scruffy fellow by the collar, the heroes backtrack and head down the opposite cavern tunnel. Along the way, the Beast senses a presence observing them. It is at this moment that it becomes apparent that a figure has been following just behind them, lurking in the shadows. Calling the interloper out of hiding, the crew discover that a lithe and sly-looking drow has been following them. Levandius interrogates the other traveler haughtily in the High Speech, distrusting any of the followers of Lolth. When it becomes apparent from the drow’s responses that he has not yet succumbed to the madness of the Spider Queen, the crew asks the dark elf to accompany them on their errand to exit the cavern.

At the end of the tunnel, they discover a large room strewn with the frozen bodies of more miners. Below the thick, icy floor, a frozen dragon corpse can be seen. The room holds an odd pillar of ice towards its middle that appears to have an ornate sword trapped within. Around the pillar lie four runes etched in the ice floor.

After discovering that the touch of the sword meant instantaneous glaciations, the adventurers attempt to figure out the apparent puzzle surrounding the sword. While suffering the missteps of the puzzle-trap, the crew find themselves beset by a flock of ice-bats.

With much strength and intrepidity, the heroes vanquish the bats, solve the puzzle, and retrieve the mysterious sword. The Beast perceives that the black residue left behind by the sprung Elven traps has explosive qualities and gathers some into a pouch.

The crew and their recently thawed miner companion make their way back to the first cavern. Creating a makeshift blast charge with the black powder, the heroes blow open the exit of the cavern. The icy wind of Winterhaven and uncertainty then blows by their huddled shoulders.



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