The Lost Relics

Family Reunions Stink

9/1/11/ – “Family Reunions Stink

When last we saw our adventurers, the group had entered the Mardeth sewers with the task to block the outflow end using a set of magic bars given them by Tobolar Quickfoot, apprentice to the wizard Nimozoran the Green. Having just dispatched a small group of bullywugs and a grick, the adventurers continue on their disgusting journey thru the bowels of the town. After turning a corner, the group hears a yelp followed by a splash. Much to their surprise, the find that their companion Berowyn has dropped in through one of the sewer’s many manholes. Having recovered from his Fey intestinal ailment, the elven archer decided to set out in search of his crew and promptly followed them into the sewers.

With all members together, the band creeps through the dank tunnels. After many twists and turns, they come upon a surprisingly large chamber in the sewers. The massive room stretches defies the otherwise cramped conditions present elsewhere in the sewer. A few support pillars stretch to the ceiling, two large canals of flowing sludge run lengthwise across the room, and multiple drain pipes line several of the walls. With a whoosh and gurgle, a few of the pipes periodically gush an enormous quantity of sludge, keeping the canals filled and flowing.
The room is also not uninhabited. The adventurers find several bullywugs are not too happy to have outsiders in their moist demesne. Using fleet footwork, acrobatics, and brute force, the crew makes short work of the amphibious troglodytes. However, instead of the drips and gushes one would expect to hear in the absence of life in the sewers, the group hears instead the soft crying of a child.

Exploring the dank chamber, they come upon a small, fine-featured little girl named Sara hiding in the corner. From the look of her delicate face and finely-tapered ears, the crew determines that she is an elven-child. With much coaxing and gentle talk, they convince the girl to come with them and is promptly taken into Rockwell’s scaly arms.

Having retrieved the mysterious girl, the group cautiously moves through the tunnel opposite the room’s entrance, having noticed what seems to be daylight at the far end. The adventurers ready the magic bars received from the Halfling apprentice. Upon reaching the outflow of the sewer, the group notices that, curiously, the effluent end of the sewers does not appear to be the most accessible of entrances, emptying directly into an extremely deep ravine. With the exception of a narrow ledge leading to solid ground at the far end of the ravine, there appears to be no footing or safe passage to the entrance. Levandius makes known his distrust for the sly-seeming demi-human Tobolar. As they talk, the crew hears the sounds of a march and, looking up to the land beyond the raving, see a large party of Dark Elves, Goblins, and Orcs marching past towards Mardeth. Deciding they had been sent on a fool’s errand, the party swiftly works their way back through the sewers and out the same entrance through which they came—keeping the magic bars for themselves.

Upon exiting the dark tunnels, they find that the alarm has been raised in the town. Hurrying to the Septarch’s tower, the band encounters Nimozoran the Green. Nimozoran, thinking they have returned from the errands he sent them upon, explains that Mauru the Mind-taker is again attacking the city. A detachment of orcs and drow under the command of the furious orc warlord Tragorjan marches upon the city. The denizens of Mardeth are sent scurrying to prepare their defenses.

Nimozoran explains that it is time he reveals a secret that he has been guarding. He explains that Mauru is indeed seeking to resurrect Orkus, the demon-lord of undeath, using two magickal artifacts—the necroshard and the blood stone. The blood stone was split into three shards and Maru seeks to reunite the fragments using a ritual contained in Gruul’s book. Nimozoran knows of the location of one of the shards.

Nimozoran entrusts the adventurers with the task of finding the blood stone shard so as to prevent Maru from attaining his goal, explaining that the evil enchanter is bent on this goal with all his powers and allies. The old wizard returns Gruul his ritual book. The wizened sorcerer then chants a complex incantation and, with a rush of air and a flash of light, a portal opens in his tower lair to the frozen land of Winterhaven, the known location of one of the blood stone shards. Nimozoran implores the adventurers to find and destroy the artifact so as to thwart Maru’s evil plan.

Before departing, the crew presents the young elven maid to the wizard, asking him to ensure that she is returned to her brother Billy, whom they had encountered prior to entering the sewers. The wizard gazes at them with a puzzled look and declares that her brother was there in the room, pointing at Berowyn as he says this…



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