The Lost Relics

Down the Drain

8/19/11 – “Down the Drain”

We rejoin our heroes in the town of Mardeth. The missing companion, Rockwell, finds his compatriots among the returning townspeople, having just completed a strenuous quarter-year plying the favors of lusty wenches. Berowyn departs for the town healer, struck with a rare Elven intestinal ailment. The adventurers share their stories with their scaly companion and pay another visit to the eccentric smith, Albert Gherrick, attempting to return only the body of the ring thief as a ruse to gain access to his wares without returning the Beast’s new ring.
Unable to sway the smith—partly due to Levandius’ use of a faulty intimidation potion, the group departs his company with three “magically sharp daggers” and the smiths’ instructions to find the ring and return it for two magical items in trade. Splitting up to accomplish their original goal, Rockwell heads to the Staggering Peasant for clues to the whereabouts of the old man with the ritual book whilst Levandius and the Beast, in guise of a young girl, head to the church to inquire.

The pub bartender tells Rockwell to seek out Nimozoran the Green in the tower on the east end of town to find the old man he described. Particularly, the attention of Nimozoran’s Halfling apprentice, Tobolar Quickfoot, would help in the search, according to the vendor.
Before Rockwell and the rest of the company could complete their investigations, the town is rocked by a goblin invasion. The adventurers engage the invading horde and repel two waves of monsters. The townspeople shower the company with praise for their rescue. The bartender of the Staggering Peasant offer the crew buy one get one drinks for life and Levandius finds a pair of Goblin Stompers to outfit himself better. The crew part ways to rest for the evening; Rockwell to the Torne Stocking brothel for a night of busty wenching, the Beast and Levandius to the Bronze Owl for sleep and meditative repose.

The next day, the crew wanders the streets of Mardeth, visiting various merchants in search of gear and supplies to bolster their abilities. As most vendors are still quite under stocked due to Mardeth’s earlier ransacking, the crew receive many requests for various materials that the vendors can use to craft them items and armor.

Their errands complete, the adventurers travel to the Septarch’s Tower in the east end of Mardeth. There, they encounter Tobolar Quickfoot, Nimozaran’s haughty Halfling apprentice, and the Green Wizard himself. The Beast enters discourse with the Wizard, revealing himself to be Gruul, apprentice of the Grand Sorcerer Kaaz. Nimozoran reveals that he is in possession of Gruul’s book, but is reluctant to return it for fear of Maru’s reprisal against the town he is charged with protecting. He offers to return the book if the travelers agree to secure the town against attack and arm the villagers. The crew agree, and Tobolar is assigned to accompany them on the task.

On their way through the town, Tobolar reveals to Levandius and the adventurers that he is not completely of one mind with Nimozoran, having no faith that the townspeople can defend themselves. He offers to reveal the hidden location of the book Nimozoran possesses if the party agrees to assist the Halfling in convincing Nimozoran to use more magically inclined methods of protecting the town from would be attackers. Tobolar then informs the party that the only weak point in Mardeth’s defenses is an opening in the town sewer drains outside of the town walls. Tobolar gives the crew some enchanted iron rods with which to seal the open drainage as he and Nimozoran will handle the magickal defense of the town personally.

Swayed by the Halfling’s logic, the adventurers agree and enter the sewers…



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