The Lost Relics

6/25/11 - "What a Horrible Night for a...Spirit Wall"

6/25/11 – “What a Horrible Night for a…Spirit Wall”

The sun had completely gone down, and the party found themselves in a defiled temple dedicated to the worship of Ocrus. After disposing of several skeletal beings using the power of the recently discovered necroshard, the room was soon filled with the sounds of moaning and shuffling of feet. Undead beings were thought to be approaching, but the party was pleasantly surprised to see Rockwell stumble through the door. Rockwell informed the party that his absence from the previous events were due to him taking a quite respite at the Mardeth tavern above the underground library from which they entered early that morning. Unfortunately for Rockwell, the ale that he consumed in the tavern was apparently the same drugged ale that they previously found next to the unconscious barkeep. As a result of consuming the poisonous liquid, Rockwell was in need of some serious medicine that would ward off the effects of the tainted ale. The party searched around the room hopelessly until Levandius was able to conjure up a miracle cure in the form of a healing potion called Gnu’hathik. Rockwell consumed the liquid and felt much better within a matter of minutes.

Now that all 4 party members were somewhat rested from the previous battle, they decided to trudge on through into the darkness in search of the evil Mauru the Mind Taker. It was Mauru that put them in this position in the defiled temple, and it was he who stole the minotaur’s ritual book, and so the party decided to pursue the evil encanter to exact revenge upon him. The heroes gathered their courage and stepped into the next room which they soon found to be a large sanctuary of sorts. Some quick thinking by Rockwell led to the dragonborn illuminating the room with lightning breath, albeit only momentarily until the party found and lit some large braziers. The party explored the large room and found some old bookcases containing mostly worthless material, two terrible looking demon statues, a large statue of Orcus, and a trap door. The demon statues and the statue of Orcus both appeared to have been placed on the top of older statues of the goddess Erathis. Continuing their exploration, the party decided to open the trapdoor and descend down a spiral staircase.

The staircase opened into a room that had not seen the defilement the other rooms in the temple had. The walls of this room were covered in large murals depicting the following:

A single image of the history of the land of Irathor. At the bottom is a picture of a horrible demon trying to break from a giant stone chamber buried under the earth. Above the entombed demon are 3 giant red stones floating above the ground, and it appeared that a lone cloaked being was harnessing the power of the red stones using a black rock hanging from his neck. The cloaked figure was sending beams to the tomb underneath as if to aid the demon in escaping his tomb. Finally, to the right of this cloaked being was a depiction of human standing in front an opening of an ancient looking door covered in vines. The being was placing a small elvish statue into a crevice on the side of the door to accompany another elvish statue on the other side. inside the door is a glowing image of a large stone hammer.

After examining the mural, the heroes looked around the rest of the room and discovered an altar to the goddess Erathis, and a large silver bowl filled with water sitting at the foot of the statue of Erathis. Rockwell stepped closer to the altar only to be immediately surrounded by hundreds of spirits, cutting off any hope of escape. Three other undead shapes appeared, with one in particular dressed in armor and telling the party members that they would never be able to free Orcus from his imprisonment. The party battled with the foes, as well as Levandius being sucked into the “spirit wall” by one of the many spirits lashing out to pull them into the spirit world. Eventually the enemies were vanquished, but not before Rockwell did a fade away jumper and sent the necroshard into the silver bown of water with a splash. The effect on the necroshard was that of a purification, and the shard turned from the dark black color to a bright blue. This act of purification showed the armored entity that they were not part of the Order of the Twisted Hand, and that they were not seeking to free Orcus. The armored entity parted with a final word of warning to the heroes: “do not lot the sacred hammer fall into enemy hands”. The spirit wall was lifted and the party escaped up the stairs, but the night was not over…

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, thousands of undead were heard and seen attempting to completely surround the party. The sinister laugh of Mauru the Mind-Taker was overheard and the players caught a fleeting glimpse of the warlock commanding the undead to attack before fleeing with the “Beast’s” ritual book in hand. Thinking quickly, Rockwell, Levandius, Berowyn, and the “Beast” barricaded the doors and windows with bookcases and lit braziers. This quick thinking both slowed the entrance of undead, and incinerated the would be attackers if they were able to breach the defenses. A lasher zombie finally entered the room and was able to get through the fire from one of the braziers with only minor injuries…but was quickly cowered in fear by the sight of the purified necroshard. The heroes were able to defeat all of the attackers as the sun finally rose and vanquished the horrid undead.



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